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Have you ever heard of Bavaria, Oktoberfest, Hofbräuhaus, ... or Marschner? Well, you can find all these in Munich, Germany.

Marschner? ... is a well established Certified Tax Consultant (Steuerberater) and Certified Public Accountant (Wirtschaftsprüfer) who runs - together with qualified employees - a professional office in the heart of Munich, geared to provide services on

Hacken Tax & Accounting
Hacken Auditing & Trust
Hacken Management Consulting

for small and medium sized companies, entrepreneurs and private persons acting in an entrepreneurial way (e.g. create and administer own property).

We manage your business in Germany and offer you a wide range of full services on a professional and personal basis.

Set out below are some of the specific services we offer

Our services

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address: Rupert-Mayer-Str. 44 / Geb. 6407; 81379 München (Germany)
phone: ++49-(0)89-5482390
fax: ++49-(0)89-54823999
e-mail: consult@marschner.net